My platform is dedicated to protecting the Constitution, upholding the integrity of the Oval Office, and laying the foundation for a brighter future for America.

It also has only one plank.

Keep Donald Trump From Becoming President

That’s it. I want to keep an ignorant, intemperate, inexperienced, unqualified, egotistical, pathologically dishonest conspiracy theorist from debasing the office of the Presidency of the United States. A man who proposed addressing the National Debt by destroying America’s credit and possibly crashing the world economy. Who proposed committing war crimes by targeting the innocent family members of suspected terrorists. Who came out in favor of a trade war. Who said he might not defend our NATO allies against foreign invasion if they’re behind on their bills. Who not only thinks nuclear proliferation might be a good idea, but who wouldn’t even rule out dropping a nuclear bomb on Europe.

And to that end, I am offering up myself as an alternative. A straightforward protest vote. I realize there are people who recognize the existential threat posed by Donald Trump, but who nonetheless consider voting for Hillary Clinton to be intolerable. And those same people may take issue with certain planks in the Libertarian or Green platforms, and don’t wish to implicitly express their support for those ideas. But a write-in vote for Loren Collins says precisely one thing: “I don’t want Donald Trump to be President.”

Naturally, I have other political stances, and generally define myself as a classical liberal who believes in limited government and evidence-based policymaking, but that’s somewhat beside the point. Because I’m not running to win; I’m running to help ensure that Donald Trump loses. Indeed, if the phrase “President-Elect Trump” never enters the vernacular, my entire platform will have been achieved, despite my never having held office at all.

So if you’re tempted to vote for Donald Trump, don’t. Vote for me.

– Loren Collins, August 2016.